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Where do I start?

The majority of our customers have never hired a marquee and often have never even been in one! To help make things easier we have put together a quick guide to hiring a marquee below.

What size marquee do you need?

Our marquees are available in various widths and lengths. To help us work out what size marquee you will need it is necessary to consider the following:


  • How many guests will be coming?

  • Will it be a buffet or sit down meal?

  • Will we have a band, a DJ or both?

  • Do we need a dance floor and/or a stage?

  • Do we want a separate reception area?

  • Do we need a bar area?

Choosing a venue

Incredibly versatile, our marquees can be put up at almost any location. We have a selection of popular and recommended island venues on our links page however you can also use your own garden or land. To ensure that your venue is suitable we will come and do a site survey with you and answer any queries you may have.

How does the hire process work?

Firstly you can contact us with your requirements by phoneemail, our contact us page or a personal visit. Once we have received this information we will make a site visit if necessary and then send you your unique and itemised quotation along with our booking form. To book your marquee you must return the completed booking form along with your deposit. Following this we will send you confirmation of your order and nearer to your event we will contact you to confirm when we will be coming to erect your marquee.

What other things do I need to consider?

It is important to talk to your chosen caterer and ask them about any requirements they might have. For example do they require a catering tent for preparation/cooking? We are able to provide catering and crockery services additionally if needed.

Does your venue have sufficient toilet and power facilities? We can provide both toilets and generators should you require them.

What Marquee?

We offer a variety of different Marquees, such as Clearspan, Traditional, Capri marquees

What other items might we need?

Linings, flooring, tables and chairs as well as lighting and other items can be found on our Services page.

We can also provide catering and crockery services.

  • What size marquee do I need?
    The size of your marquee is dependant on how many guests you will be having, whether or not they will all be seated, if you require a dance floor and space for a DJ or band and the type of meal i.e. buffet or table service. With this information we can calculate the size of the marquee you will need.
  • If more people are coming in the evening do I need a bigger marquee or reception area?
    Depending on how many extra guests you are having we can advise you if a larger marquee is required.
  • Can I hire other items if I am not hiring a marquee?
    Yes of course. Please look at our Services page for details of our equipment and contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote.
  • Can we have windows on our marquee?
    Our marquees are erected according to your requirements and can have as many or as few windows as you would like. We stock Georgian, cathedral and panoramic style windows.
  • Do I have to have linings inside it?
    It is completely up to you whether or not to have linings inside your marquee. We can provide roof and wall linings as well as swags in a variety of colours (swags cover the joins between the roof and wall linings.
  • What is the difference between traditional and clearspan marquees?
    Traditional marquees are usually made of canvas with wooden king poles inside the marquee. They need guy ropes all around the marquee. Clearspan marquees are made out of PVC and have a metal frame. They can be erected on most surfaces including concrete.
  • Can we take off the walls if it is good weather?
    Yes. Our staff will be more than happy to show you how to open the walls and fold them back.
  • Does the catering tent include the catering equipment?
    No, however we can provide a catering pack, which will include lighting, power supply and tables. If you do require catering equipment please go to Coast and Country Catering Equipment.
  • Can we use our own lights in the marquee?
    Yes, you may use your own lights in the marquee. However, we cannot take any liability for faults with or caused by your own lights and this would not be covered under our insurance.
  • What are the different lighting options?
    Uplighters are the most commonly used lights in marquees. These sit on the floor and project light upwards. These provide a substantial amount of light and we connect them to dimmer switches to allow you to alter the light as you wish. Festoon lights are a string of light bulbs; these are similar to fairy lights but have much bigger bulbs so give off more light. We can also provide chandeliers and paper lanterns depending on your preference.
  • Do we need a generator?
    We do recommend that you have a generator for weddings and large events to ensure that you have adequate power for all of the electrical equipment in the marquee.
  • Do you have heaters for the marquee in case of cold or bad weather?
    Yes we can provide heaters. They will come with 8 hours of fuel and a member of our staff will show you how to use them. It is your responsibility to put any additional fuel into the heater should you require it.
  • How much will a marquee cost and do you have a price list?
    The simple answer is no, we do not have a price list. This is because we know that every event is different and therefore will be a different price. We give each customer a personalised quotation based on his or her requirements. Our quotation is itemised so that it can be amended should you wish to add or remove items.
  • Does the price include putting the marquee up and taking it down?
    Yes. The price of erecting and dismantling your marquee is included in the price shown on your quotation.
  • How and when do I book my marquee?
    Upon receiving your quotation please complete and return your booking form along with your deposit. We advise you to book as soon as possible so that we can ensure that the equipment you require is available. Please note that during the Isle of Wight Festival, Cowes Week and other major events we are incredibly busy and advance booking is strongly advised.
  • When do you require full payment?
    Full payment is due 7 days before delivery.
  • Will my marquee be put up if the weather is bad?
    Yes. Our staff work all year round regardless of the weather, although if the weather is bad they would be very grateful for a warm drink!
  • Do I need to be there when you put my marquee up and will it ruin my grass/garden?
    It is not essential for you to be there when your marquee is erected however we do recommend that you are on site when we arrive to ensure that the marquee is erected where you would like it. If left up for a long period of time your grass may go brown due to lack of sunlight.
  • Do I have to have flooring and does the ground have to be level?
    If the ground is on a slope or very uneven we recommend that we carry out a site survey. It is not compulsory to have flooring in the marquee, however for weddings and parties we have coconut matting, wooden floor and carpet available.
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