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No Poles Needed

Clearspan marquees are made out of PVC and have a metal frame. They can be erected on most surfaces including concrete.


What size works best?

We offer a range of different widths for our clearspan marquees. 

Including: 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m & 15m

No sides clear span.jpg

3m Clearspan


This shows two of our 3m marquees complimenting a central 15m structure, the 3m marquees can be used as a simple 3m x 3m storage or sales marquee, alternativeley as shown here extending a larger structure, available with or without sides

12m Motistone.jpeg

12m Clearspan


This is our second biggest in terms of width, creating a stunning presence four tables wide. The additional width also creates plenty of space around our round bar and room for large bands.


Multiple Structures


This impressive 12m structure has a 6mx9m Kitchen,a 3mx9m walkway and a 3mx3m entrance marquee added to create a stunning venue tailored for the available space.

Pink House tennis court.jpg

9m and 6m Clearspan at the Pink House


We can maximise space at most venues creating unique spaces throughout the day.


9m Clearspan


Another 9m marquee, both panoramic windows and walls fitted to create a modern light environment

Side view three bays.jpg

The Tri

The Tri is a center piece allowing three 9m structures to be built off it, to create a completely different and totally individual environment. The Tri also make a stunning setting for our round bar,creating a fantastic center piece.

Cowes 2023.jpg

Commercial and Colour

We have coloured roofs and multiple structures that are perfect to support local events. We are the sole provider of Marquees to all the major shows and events on the Island.

Clearspan Marquee, Window roof panels, panoramic walls
Large Clearspan Marquee Megastructure
Clearspan Marquee Wedding
Redfunnel Awards Event, Clearspan Marquee, Limewash Chivari Chairs
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