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One small step for man...

With a range of different flooring available, your marquee will be worthy for any occasion thrown at it! We offer simple matting, carpet or wooder floors.

Coconut Matting


Simple and cost effective, coconut matting is a woven hessian flooring that is laid upon waterproof tarpaulin; a great way to protect the lawn and stop high heels disappearing into the grass.



The Regency cord carpet range is a lightweight carpet available in 22 colours.


Regency is an ideal range to use as marquee carpet as it is cost effective, easy to lay and offers a great finish to any marquee.


We can offer Brand new or stock carpet which would normally be laid on top of wood floor, depend on the surface.


Interlocking Wood Floor


Our temporary flooring is sturdy, easy to install and cost effective.  Our solid marquee floor is a series of interlocking wooden panels which extend right to the walls of the marquee with no gaps or holes. Interlocking wooden panels are best suited for relatively flat surface.

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